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New ideas, solutions and concrete improvements

You are a city, a public authority or a foundation and your goal is to increase the urban quality of life. Talk to us. Stadtluft's smart peer review format helps you to connect internationally and become better at what you do.

The view from outside

The city, authority or organisation that commissions Stadtluft gets the chance to have colleagues from abroad, who are facing exactly the same challenges, look over their shoulder. In this way, new ideas, solutions and concrete improvements emerge from ongoing projects, which are ideally in an early project stage. As a rule, three projects are presented and analysed on one main topic. The moderated exchange between teams from the three cities is accompanied by the swarm intelligence of a professional tribune with up to 25 experts.

So far, the topics have been "Cycling in the city. The last adventure of the 21st century" and „Urban Trees. The mascots of our time". The upcoming theme is „The recycled city. Back to nature“. Other possible topics that can improve the quality of life in the city are, for example, lidos, parks, football pitches, rivers, markets, backyards, libraries, roof terraces or train stations.

The evening conclusion of a Stadtluft day is a panel discussion with prominent participants, which presents the topic in an intriguing way for the general public.


Portrait of board member Max DudlerSince 2001, Andrea Roman Sorg has been responsible for dozens of events in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Scandinavia with high-quality content for various clients. He was a producer for ARD in Geneva and Zurich and head of the NZZ Podium Europa in Berlin, the international event series of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung at the time. He is a partner in Schwarzsee Limited, an editorial event boutique based in Zurich. Schwarzsee's clients include leading European media organisations and universities or government agencies. In addition to Stadtluft, Schwarzsee Limited also operates the peer review format European Blend (, an identical format for governance. Andrea Sorg studied history, journalism and literature (lic. ès lettres) in Geneva, London and Fribourg and speaks German, French, English and Norwegian. He is married to a Scandinavian and has two daughters. In his free time, he enjoys sport, devouring newspapers, reading books and exploring big cities.

Advisory Board

Portrait of board member Max DudlerMax Dudler is a Swiss born architect. He has headed his own practice with branches in Berlin, Zürich, Frankfurt and Munich, since 1992.

Portrait of board member Simon KuperAnouk Kuitenbrouwer is a Swiss-Dutch architect and urban planner. She is a lecturer at the ETH Zurich and partner at KCAP, an urbanism, architecture and landscape design firm with offices in Rotterdam, Zurich and Paris.

Portrait of board member Simon KuperSimon Kuper is a Paris-based British columnist for the Financial Times since 1994. He is the author of several books and also writes for magazines in Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries.

Portrait of board member Anna SchindlerAnna Schindler is director of the Office for Urban Development of the City of Zurich since November 2011. The office consists of five agencies: Migration and Integration, City and Neighborhood Development, Economic Development, Foreign Affairs and Smart City.

Portrait of board member Simon StraussSimon Strauss is a Berlin born journalist and writer. He is arts editor for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung since 2016.


To date, the following partners have made editions of the newly established Stadtluft initiative possible:

Urban Development
of the City of Zurich

Offices for Urban Development,
Civil Engineering and Environmental and Health Protection
of the City of Winterthur

Location Agency House
of Winterthur

Office for Waste, Water,
Energy and Air

Media cooperation

To date, Stadtluft events have been hosted by journalists from the following media:

Financial Times

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Companies participating in the programmes

So far, people participating in the workshop have represented the following companies, among others:

Henning Larsen

Herzog & de Meuron