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A partner for knowledge and experience

Stadtluft sees itself as a knowledge and experience partner for all those working on improving the quality of urban life in Europe.

The idea behind Stadtluft is to have a broad and diverse debate on urban issues. This means that the workshops and debates will be relevant and interesting for both a professional audience and a wider audience. The idea is to bring together the perspectives of both traditional urban planning experts and representatives from disciplines that at first glance are not concerned with urban planning, but are nevertheless in a position to contribute to a better urban quality of life.

Twice a year, Stadtluft will design and organise workshops and an evening event on a topic related to urban living. The events will start with a workshop conference in the afternoon, to which only invited guests are admitted. After a break, an evening event will take place on the same day. This is open to the public.

The basic idea is to always compare three cities. The focus is on the peer review of concrete projects by colleagues from other cities.


Portrait of board member Max DudlerSince 2001, Andrea Roman Sorg has been responsible for a range of European events with demanding content for a variety of clients. He has been producer for the German television ARD in Geneva and Zurich and the head of Berlin based NZZ Podium Europa, the international event series arranged by the Swiss newspaper “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”. He is partner of the Zurich-based Schwarzsee Limited, a boutique consultancy for editorial events. Among the clients of Schwarzsee are leading European media companies and universities or government agencies. Andrea Sorg also initiated the Europe United Society. He studied history, journalism and literature studies (lic. ès lettres) in Geneva, London and Freiburg, and speaks German, French, English and Norwegian. He is married with two daughters.

Advisory Board

Portrait of board member Max DudlerMax Dudler is a Swiss born architect. He has headed his own practice with branches in Berlin, Zürich, Frankfurt and Munich, since 1992.

Portrait of board member Simon KuperSimon Kuper is a Paris-based British columnist for the Financial Times since 1994. He is the author of several books and also writes for magazines in Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries.

Portrait of board member Anna SchindlerAnna Schindler is director of the Office for Urban Development of the City of Zurich since November 2011. The office consists of five agencies: Migration and Integration, City and Neighborhood Development, Economic Development, Foreign Affairs and Smart City.

Portrait of board member Simon StraussSimon Strauss is a Berlin born journalist and writer. He is arts editor for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung since 2016.


To date, the following partners have made editions of the newly established Stadtluft initiative possible:

Urban Development
of the City of Zurich

Office for Urban Development
of the City of Winterthur

Civil Engineering Office
of the City of Winterthur

Environmental and health protection
of the City of Winterthur

Location Agency House
of Winterthur

Office for Waste, Water,
Energy and Air

Media cooperation

To date, Stadtluft events have been hosted by journalists from the following media:

Financial Times

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung