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The recycled city

Under the title "The recycled City", Stadtluft in Winterthur in the canton of Zurich explores the question of how so-called grey energy is changing urban planning and construction. For example, it addresses the question of whether the classic new replacement building should be made superfluous in the future through conversions. And what does the concept of sustainability mean for the development of urban neighbourhoods? According to which principles should they be redesigned? Another topic is the question of how cities can develop their own circular economy. Is a self-sufficient construction industry for cities possible one day? What systems and infrastructure are needed for this?


Grey energy refers to the energy contained in a building that was used for construction, production and transport. To calculate the energy consumption of a building, construction, operation and demolition are therefore assessed.

The fact that used materials are valuable is recognised by the circular economy approach, which aims to reuse building elements several times. According to a UN report, the construction and building industry was responsible for 38 per cent of global CO2 emissions in 2019. In Switzerland, the construction industry produces 74 million tonnes of waste per year, which corresponds to around 85% of Switzerland's total waste volume. Whether and how grey energy can be integrated into the investment calculation of a building is currently the subject of debate. In general, the "decarbonisation" of the construction industry is only just beginning.


The recycled city

The past, present and future of urban sustainability will be comprehensively analysed. Decision-makers from the worlds of politics, administration and lobby groups of three cities will all exchange views. The workshops will be enriched by input from artists, scientists and members of the public. By invitation only.


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Evening Event

The recycled (urban) life

Keynote speech by the bestselling Swiss-German author Jonas Lüscher, Munich.

Discussion at BauForum in Winterthur with decision-makers from politics, city administrations and interest groups from Winterthur, the canton of Zurich and the two guest cities.